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Chinese chocolate peak can be held once more

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Chinese chocolate peak can be held once more

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Chocolate peak of the 2nd 2008 China is met will be in on November 28, 2008 between —30 date, in Shanghai exhibition center and candy of the 3rd 2008 China holiday the corresponding period is pulled open prelusive. Since Chinese chocolate peak can be held successfully first last year oneself, get the praise of the enterprise reachs support joining meeting, offer for chocolate industry business anatomize chocolate market to provide market information and referenced data in the round, already became the grand meeting that year of chocolate industry high level attends surely now. Chinese chocolate peak can serve as China, and even Asian chocolate industry the first grand occasion: It is the exclusive window of Chinese chocolate market, more important is, it conforms those who make China and international chocolate market dot, be Chinese chocolate industry and international communication is indicative.

As urge chocolate industry development and the meeting that anatomize chocolate market in the round, the information of the respect such as sale of the chocolate trade that the speech of meeting share will involve 2008 China chocolate peak to reach the chocolate production with main whole world and consumptive nation to China and market situation, market, wu seeks the information that provides overall industry and market, the development of market of stimulative China high grade chocolate and prosperity!

2008, chinese chocolate peak can decide the theme in respect of ” of “ high grade sweetmeat, and conference focus decides case to be in the following respects:

1, the production that conducts a business and management means, guide agency to be opposite of market of high grade chocolate approbate with collaboration it is main central issue
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