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Food of 2009 Shanghai international purchases congress invitation letter

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Food of 2009 Shanghai international purchases congress invitation letter

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Congress time: On May 13, 2009 - 15 days
Congress place: Store of Shanghai world trade
Join meeting company: More than 1000
Congress theme: Innovation and win-win

Approval holds: Shanghai external economic trade commission
Sponsor an unit: Company of China food magazine
Beijing dragon tastes stannic medium to exhibit an orgnaization
Store of Shanghai world trade
Abroad organization: Each country is stationed in China embassy
Origanization construction of industry of foreign key food
Limited company of adviser of science and technology of food of Shanghai laurel standing grain
Assist run an unit: Cross a country domestic and internationally to purchase business
Shopkeeper of domestic and international key
The whole nation saves food industry each assist (business) meeting
Garden of industry of countrywide key food
City of Shanghai international food
Chinese agent federation (prepare)
Official media: " China food " magazine " food is made " net of magazine China sweetmeat
Partner of strategy of electronic business affairs: Alibaba

Congress introduction:
Shanghai international food purchases congress (abbreviation “Food Merchandising Market” ) it is to face what purchase business and supplier of high grade food domestic and internationally to purchase grand meeting internationally, it is Chinese only one uses both sides of supply and demand to be the same as set those who exhibit is professional the year provision mass rally with the strongest, the biggest dimensions. Current mass rally aims to promote the development of industry of domestic and international food, the communication that is public figure of industry of domestic and international food and collaboration found more effective commerce platform, let purchase business to better platform contacts high grade supplier, the advanced trade activity that purchases the quality of pure international trade that business and supplier have purchasing trade and cooperative negotiating more domestic and internationally.

The Food Merchandising Market 2009 that purchases market of business, channel, retail market and high grade supplier to be participated in jointly by origanization construction of branch of director of domestic and international government, industry, heavyweight, will attract come from chief of a tribe of couplet of China, Spain, France, New Zealand, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holand, Finland, United States, Colombia, Chile, Japan, Korea, Singapore, A, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan to wait 26. Each big heavyweight activity that the corresponding period holds, be sure to become food company market to develop, brand promotion, trade negotiates, the optimal platform of international communication.

Cooperative media:
CCTV, east is defended inspect, newspaper of quality of food of candy of Candy Buyer of industry of food of food of net of industry of food of newspaper of Shanghai TV station, China food, Hui Cong, Asia, Asia food and beverage, Asia, United States, Candy Industry, Candy Business, Chocolate Zoom Magazine, China, China,
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