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Exhibition of industry of confectionery of candy of the 2nd 2009 China Internati

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Exhibition of industry of confectionery of candy of the 2nd 2009 China International

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Exhibit meeting overview:
Exhibition of industry of confectionery of China International candy (CBI China) , devote oneself to to be candied, chocolate, bake, moon cake, cake, biscuit, cake reachs food to produce an enterprise to make reach research and development with agency, shopkeeper on the west the orgnaization, enterprise that pack, former complementary feed business, the new platform of mutual communication, joint development.

CBI China is double year exhibit, in assemble of the first CBI China 2007 the candied chocolate that comes from China, France, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holand and Chinese Taiwan, mechanical equipment, former the well-known company of the complementary makings, material that pack. Include French Du Bu to cover with tiles He Shouka of company of Lu Na of company, Italy Ji Ma company, Germany cloth, Germany covers with tiles among them deer of company of rich of Nuo of division of candy and bake craft and equipment group company, Switzerland, Holand is special. Iron cloth pulls company of spirit of much film of gram company, France, Australia Jin Wei greasily (do not have stannum) group of golden monkey of limited company, Shanghai, Jin Guan (China) Jin Ying of food limited company, Suzhou is mechanical equipment company, Shanghai (group. The professional audience that attracted the nearly 5000 person-time that come from Taiwan of Hong Kong of China, Finnish, United States, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, China, China to wait for 24 countries and area at the same time looks around, among them 9% what abroad and professional audience takes total audience measure.

The 2nd CBI China 2009 is on the foundation that summed up the first successful experience, will make extend the dimensions of the meeting and influence bigger, join the business that postpone and visiting professional audience more, at the same time our service also is met more perfect with major. We invite expensive unit to attend cordially, have more extensive communication and collaboration with client and person of the same trade.
Place: Store of Shanghai world trade exhibits house Shanghai Mart (Shanghai mayor peaceful area starts justice journey 99)
Time: In May 2009 13-15 day
Sponsor an unit: Dragon of Beijing of company of China food magazine tastes stannic medium to exhibit store of trade of orgnaization Shanghai world
International cooperates: Lab of food of Asia of The Asian Food Laboratory
Appoint a journal: " China is candied " " food is made "
Appoint a website: Chinese sweetmeat Www.sweetscn.com
Appoint forum: BBS.hiifood.com of China food forum
Assist run an unit: " new provision " magazine company
Limited company of adviser of science and technology of food of Shanghai laurel standing grain
Partner of strategy of electronic business affairs: Alibaba
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