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Our country plant extracts content manufacturer to go to Shanghai PEEC to exhibi

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Our country plant extracts content manufacturer to go to Shanghai PEEC to exhibit international popularity product centrally

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On July 16, 2008, chinese Shanghai, exhibition of content of extraction of plant of PEEC 2008 of exhibition of major of content of extraction of first macrophytes of our country be about to Yu Jinqiu October is held in Chinese Shanghai, the reporter sponsorred know of company of unit KingLeap gigantic light from PEEC a few days ago, manufacturer of content of extraction of our country plant drives concentration go to PEEC reveal all sorts of international market popular plants to extract content product and innovation technology.

It is reported, PEEC is current China and even Asia-Pacific area first large internationally the plant extracts content exhibition, PEEC 2008 will in October 2008 16-18 day is in Chinese Shanghai East Asia exhibition is held, exhibit an area 4000 square metre, set international standard to exhibit more than 200.

Exhibit this meeting, the numerous plant that comes from the whole nation extracts manufacturer to appear on concentration, reveal plants of all sorts of international market popularity to extract content product and innovation technology, tianjin aiguille will reveal grape seed to extract content, apple to extract content to extract content etc; Lake city shade of willow trees will reveal mulberry extract content, glossy ganoderma to extract content to extract content etc; Heibei treasure favour will reveal grape series, alfalfa wait plant extraction a moment; Leaf of Yunnan beautiful fruit will reveal the extraction thing such as pink of rose essence oil, essence, perfume; All city grand days will reveal Huang Qin extract fat of nicotinic acid of content, inositol, inositol to extract content etc. In addition, shanghai Nuo favour of Hua Kang of special, Changsha Kang Long, Changsha, Hubei China, Xiamen day health, hall of Lu brook Xiao Yuan, Qing Yuansheng Zhi, Ning Bo Chinese Lang Lin of green sea of city of square, Chen, Changsha, Changsha is green.

Plant extraction content is the core raw material of biology medicine and product, be applied extensively at food of sex of plant medicine, additive agent for food, function, cosmetic to wait for manufacturing domain at present. As medicine of 21 centuries biology swift and violent development, in new medical pattern the influence falls, the product of plant extraction content that has active or functional sex accepts favour fully get be admissived extensively inside alive bound limits, have vast market space, promoted development of medical foreign trade effectively.

Current, our country plant extracts content to already formed certain industrial dimensions, mainstream company can be mixed completely on manufacturing facilities and technical capability Germany, Italy, Spain photograph rivals country of the world's main extraction content production. As worldwide inside natural health rises abruptly of product mainstream market increasingly, the industry of plant extraction content of our country also is sure to make industry of the new strategy of national economy and social progress pillar. The industrialization of plant extraction content is the important segment that advances innovation of medical modernization and medical technology currently, have development to throw content of less, technology tall, product is add value prospect of big, market is capacious wait for advantage and characteristic.
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