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Supply cake of vegetables of children nutrition fruit recreational food

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Release time: 2008-8-11 9:20:46
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-11-9 9:20:46
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---------------------------------------------- The number that browse: 46
---------------------------------------------- Auspicious brings kind of enterprise of limited company of city jade peaceful food: Jobber, shopkeeper is active index: 3 management mode: Manufacturer establishs time: Register capital:
Contact: Chen Dongpeng (gentleman)Phone: Mobile telephone of 86 0796 8925191: Fax: Seat: Jiangxi satisfies plain county auspicious to install city network address: Http:// postcode:
Define 荘 of green cereal of brand well ridge is suttle 500 (G)
Raw material and burden fresh fruit, the expiration period such as glucose syrup 365 (day)
The Jinggang Mountains of country of origin organic food is
Green food is special local product be

One, of this brand sell dot and advantage the analysis:

1, this tasting sell a site than possessing the following core with photograph of other and congener product: