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Plum of Chinese olive, Li Gan, riches and honour, hawkthorn piece, melon seeds

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Release time: 2008-3-24 17:51:19
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-6-22 17:51:19
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---------------------------------------------- The number that browse: 166
---------------------------------------------- Fujian 100 couplet are industrial type of limited company enterprise: Recreational food is active index: 3 management mode: Manufacturer, jobber / shopkeeper, other establish time: Register capital:
Contact: Hu Minhua (gentleman)Phone: 0591-3315111 3315198 mobile telephone: Fax: Seat: Network address of Fujian the Fuzhou City: Http:// postcode:
Define The 5 old series such as products of professional production roasted seeds and nuts, confiture, candied chocolate, beverage, meat more than 100 kinds of products. Among them confiture kind include: Li Gan of ginseng Lan, 7 stars Lan, beat flat Lan, lotus, change plum of nuclear plum cake, riches and honour, hawkthorn piece, lotus should child, Wu Shenmei, sweet hot Lan, sweet hawkthorn.

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