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"Love still " , " mew " name of two Gao Zhi spends child brand, brand layout cov

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Release time: 2008-4-9 14:32:06
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-7-8 14:32:06
---------------------------------------------- Pack:
---------------------------------------------- The price:
---------------------------------------------- Norms:
---------------------------------------------- The number that browse: 175
---------------------------------------------- Type of enterprise of limited company of group of food of Fujian blessing horse: Recreational food is active index: 3 management mode: Manufacturer, jobber / shopkeeper, other establish time: Register capital:
Contact: Blessing horse food (gentleman)Phone: 0591-8818688 mobile telephone: Fax: Seat: Network address of Fujian the Fuzhou City: Http:// postcode:
Define "Virgin the Fumaji 1979 is round, via development of more than 20 years, already made research and development of food of a part now, make, cent is sold, the diversity industry group that investment of international trade, finance, landed development is an organic whole.
Fumaji is round in order to produce cake kind food gives priority to course of study, in mother brand " blessing horse " have below the banner " love still " , " mew " name of two Gao Zhi spends child brand, brand layout covered cake, biscuit, Peng to change food to wait. Cent sells a network to enclothe 31 province, city of Chinese, municipality, harbor, bay, country and the area such as stage and Korea, United States, Canada, southeast Asia, middle east.
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