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EU food packaging regulation through the new nutrient content must be marked i

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London time on December 8 at noon (Beijing time on December 8 evening) news, the European Union today approved the new regulations, food manufacturers must clearly label the nutritional content of products, including fat, meat, sugar and food ingredients country of origin. Among them, the origin of the meat needs to be marked will be the mandatory content. But alcohol does not need to mark the same content. But according to this resolution, the resolution still further from the norm into a legal meeting, and manufacturers will have at least 3 years to update their product labeling. Food manufacturers can also use some other expressions, as long as they can clear the contents of the food, and will not mislead consumers. But the chief negotiator, Mr Europe, the European Parliament Renate Sommer has publicly commented that the requirement for the hasty decision. She said it still needs more difficult talks, the European consumers want to see more clearly the trademark, need to wait for some time. EU in Tuesday (7) to 27 on behalf of the Minister of Consumer Affairs issued a statement saying: "All the label for nutritional content and statements need to be in both places to see, but there are some elements to be in front of the package appears. "At the same time, they reached consensus that the energy value, similar to fat, carbon dioxide, protein, sugar and salt and some other nutrients, the specific number should be clearly marked. Not only that, some of the core energy value and good nutrition must be marked every 100 grams or per 100 ml, or they can be marked as a "reference intakes," the percentage.
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