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"Balance food " 8 proposals

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Breakfast " balance food law "

How should breakfast eat? Believe a lot of friends not very clear, breakfast balances food to basically have 8 principles, small make up you to slowly come.

One, food diversity, corn is given priority to

Human food is varied. The nutrient part that all sorts of food place contain is not identical. Outside the breast that remove a parent, a kind of any natural food cannot offer all nutriment that human body place needs. The balance is prandial must comprise by a variety of food, ability satisfies human body all sorts of nutrition need, achieve the goal of reasonable nutrition, stimulative health, should advocate people consequently extensive edible a variety of food.

2, eat vegetable, fruit and potato kind

Vegetable and fruit are contained rich vitamin, mineral with prandial fiber. Vegetable sort is various, it is C of carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin and folic acid, mineral () of calcic, phosphor, Potassium, magnesian, iron, prandial fine peace keeping is natural the main or main source that fights oxide. If the wild fruit that our country is developed this year is pear of yangtao, thorn, Sha Ji, black the rich origin that gallon also is vitamin C, carotene.

Some fruits vitamin and the content of a few microelement are inferior to fresh vegetable, but acid of acid of the dextrose that the fruit contains, fruit, citric acid, apple, pectic wait for material to compare vegetable to abound again. The rich origin that Titian fruit is like bright jujube, orange, persimmon and apricot to wait is vitamin C and carotene. Potato kind contain rich starch, prandial fiber, and a variety of vitamins and mineral. Our country dweller eats potato 10 years kind less, ought to encourage eat some of potato more kind.

Contain rich vegetable, fruit and potato kind prandial, healthy to maintaining a heart and vessels, enhance the disease-resistant ability, risk that reduces children happening to fight eye disease and precaution the respect such as certain cancer, having very main effect.

3, often suck the breast kind, legume or its goods

Grandma kind divide outside containing rich high grade protein and vitamin, the volume that contain calcium is higher, and utilization rate is very high also, it is the wonderful origin with natural qualitative calcium.

4, eat right amount fish, birds, egg, lean lean, eat fat and lard less

The animal sex food such as fish, birds, egg, lean lean is vitamin of sex of dissolve of high grade protein, fat and mineral good origin. The amino acerbity composition of animal sex protein fits human body need more, and lysine content is higher, be helpful for the inadequacy of the lysine in compensatory vegetable protein. The flesh kind in of iron it is better to use, fish especially marine fish place contains not saturated fatty acid to have reduce hematic fat and the effect that avoid thrombosis. Animal liver contains vitamin A very rich, still contain a lot ofvitamin B12, folic acid to wait. But some liver implement contain cholesterol like the place such as head, kidney quite tall, adverse to preventing cardiovascular system disease.
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