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What fish to eat to you can prevent cancer effectively?

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Newest " south forefinger of Holand health board " be opposite technically adult health is prandial made a quantity dissolve read, among them special proposal has a fish twice at least every week, every time 100~150 gram, it is Gao Zhiyu at least one times.
The adult has half jins of fish every week

Chinese disease accuses central nutrition and Ma Guansheng of researcher of food safety place to introduce, dweller board of China also is to advocate us to have piscine shrimp more south forefinger, general proposal takes 50~100 gram everyday, adult a week has the demand that half jins of fish shrimp of the left and right sides is main volume, especially deep-sea fish.

The fish contains animal albumen and the material such as calcic, phosphor and vitamin A, D, B1, B2, wait for animal flesh than pork, chicken kind tall. Cruelly oppress place contains protein is complete protein, protein place contains the likeness of the quantity of indispensible and amino acid and ratio colleague body, fit human body need most, be digested easily to absorb, its absorptivity is as high as 96% .

Additional, fish contains rich vitamin D, Ou Miga - 3 reach much not saturated fatty acid, these are very good fight the oxidation, material that fight cancer, it can reduce cholesterol and glycerine 3 fat, prevent blood caky.

Eat tall adipose fish to reduce odds contracting cancer

After the woman food habit that researcher of college of medicine of Si Ka of Swedish Ka Luolin ever was opposite many 60 thousand to had done mammary X smooth fluoroscopy and illness undertake inquiry and analysis, discovery has tall adipose fish at least every week, odds of cancer sufferring from kidney can reduce 74 % .

Tall adipose fish basically is to include: 3 article fish, herring fish, pilchard and black carp be in deep-sea in the fish of the life, low fat fish has cod, weever and tuna to wait, place of tall adipose fish contains vitamin D to want 5 times taller, the Ou Miga in deep-sea fish oil - the content of 3 fatty acid wants 20 times more the left and right sides. Even if has tall adipose fish more without the condition, eat fresh water fish to be helpful for as much more healthy.

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