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The autumn eats duck flesh to be able to remind except autumn dry: Duck does not

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The duck contains a lot ofnutrition, enjoy not only " Beijing division beautiful food, mo Miao at duck " , " do not become place without duck " beautiful praise, also be commend of motherland medicine place at the same time: "The shade of grow the five internal organs, the heat of clear empty fatigue, enrich the blood a water, raise a stomach to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid... " . "Especially in those days new duck raises autumn, the flesh is qualitative strong tender fat, nutrition is rich, the protein with can seasonable compensatory indispensible human body, vitamin and mineral. Duck flesh sex is cold at the same time cool, suit edible of the person that body heats up suffer from excessive internal heat particularly, so duck of autumn dietotherapy first selection. " Qu Hao of international cooking Great Master says, in and other places of Shanghai, Nanjing, the autumn ate duck flesh to had become tradition of a kind of food.

Eat duck to be able to divide autumn dry. Duck and chicken are birds together kind, effect is very different however. The winter that chicken suits especially is entered fill, civilian element has " meet 91 chicken, good body of the coming year " view. And duck belongs to waterfowl, yuan Hu Saihui is in the drive cure of face " drink be apt to is wanting " in say, pleasant of duck flesh flavour, cold, avirulent, fill inside empty, disinfection is hot, benefit aqueduct. Can use at having a headache, oedema of hot cough of insomnia of deficiency of yin with irritability, lung, nephritis, pee is adverse, low the disease such as heat. "Often edible duck flesh feeds little, defecate to body weak deficiency of yin with irritability, oedema the dry, low person that heat up is most beneficial. " Yang Li of professor of Xi Yuan hospital expresses academy of sciences of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science, accordingly, of Xia Qiu hot and dry and seasonal suit to eat duck most. Under photograph comparing, the other flesh such as pig flocks and herds kind inferior to prepare a bit.

Of duck flesh adipose the most healthy. Duck flesh contains a lot ofvitamin of B a group of things with common features and vitamin E, its fatty acid basically is not saturated fatty acid and fatty acid of low carbon saturation, digest easily. "In addition, in duck flesh adipose unlike other animal oil, its the scale of all sorts of fatty acid approachs good value, chemical composition and olive oil very picture, have the effect that reduces cholesterol, the crowd of sclerosis of appearance of arterial to sufferring from congee particularly appropriate. " Yang Li says.

In addition, duck flesh also has profit to the heart. 100 grams contain the potassium of 300 milligram probably inside duck flesh, potassium is concerned with heart section law, and potassium can defy high sodium. "Salt eats much sodium became tall it is the cause that creates high blood pressure, so, daily life eats the flesh that nod duck to replace other fleshy course more, it is very healthy. " He Jiguo of associate professor of college of food of Chinese agriculture college says.
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