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"Moon cake box trades shopping bag " be worth to draw lessons from

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A supermarket near the dwelling place is resided in me, the doorway sticks an announcement, can pack a box to exchange shopping bag of an environmental protection by two moon cake. Although the thing is small, but the awkward situation that because break moon cake to pack nowhere first,can go, very valuable.

Investigation shows, produce moon cake of 10 million wooden box, should expend 400, 600 bosoms diameter 10 centimeters tree. Be in Nanjing, predict to want to throw away after the Mid-autumn Festival box of 3 million moon cake. Not only moon cake box, the waste that discards packing is in our country is quite breathtaking also. 2004, 30% what the whole nation discards packing occupies urban rubbish gross; Almost the data of the corresponding period shows, beijing produces per year unripe life rubbish to be many tons 490, its bulk is equivalent to hill of two half scene so big, make an appointment with among them 60% come from all sorts of packing!

Face so huge cardinal number, it is far insufficient that only limitation packs the proportion that holds product total value, the key still is reclaiming. Germany develops one of most successful nations as economy of world accepted loop, be in early announced core principle to be 1991 " whose production packs who to reclaim pack " " the byelaw that pack " , the form that uses law first will restrain commodity to produce and be managed what pack. Today, we wrapped mount to had had a few progress in limitative moon cake, but the rigid regulation that has not answered debit face, so manufacturer home and distributors do not catch a cold to this.

Hope before long can change somewhat in the future.

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