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The mother breeds feed also wants science of be particular about

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Easy go to extremes of child of young mother feed

Action of feed of international mother milk is allied (WABA) affirmatory and annual on August 1 - it is 7 days " week of feed of world mother milk " . This year " week of feed of world mother milk " the theme is " feed of supportive mother milk, acquire life card of the first gold nugget " .

The child is a flesh that drops on mom heart. Grow to make the darling that just was born can healthy, mom are cudgel one's brains for thinks method goes lactation child. The reporter understands from a few hospitals at present, to mother milk feed this adage is inscribed, a lot of mom appeared two kinds of extremes. One kind is mom takes child of mother milk feed seriously particularly, say the mother has bred, these mom without giving thought to thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one, give the child raise of pure mother milk all the time, both neither considers oneself case, also do not add other complementary feed darling to eat. And the faithful vermicelli made from bean starch that the mom of another kind of extreme is milk powder, say present milk powder added this kind to add the sort of nutrition part again, drink powdered milk to the child blindly so, even the child arrived 34 years old, still drink milk powder not to eat other food only... the expert points out, what such feed child will father to affect the child again is healthy, make the child grows development occurrence lag.

Pure mother breeds feed cannot be taken

The doctor of Chairman Zhong Xixia that visits division of health care of children of courtyard of health care of women and children according to Guangdong introduces, as mother milk feed publicize energetically, the baby that more and more mom select mother milk him feed, originally this is meddlesome, but the extreme that a few mom walk along feed of pure mother milk however, the milk quality that a few mom disregard him how, the age level that also does not divide the child, offer child parent blindly lacteal raise only, affect darling health badly.

A mom that the hospital appeals comes before long before, her baby is born is feed of pure mother milk, feed all the time now darling a year old many, had not added to darling other complementary feed. But gradually weight of hoar, height differs the complexion that she discovers darling to be added at those far complementary the darling that feed, because fear darling falls ill, come to a hospital rapidly go to a doctor. Director Zhong Xixia points out, new student baby is born first 3 months should be staple food with mother milk, namely first 3 months mom should breed with pure mother feed darling, need not add other edibles. After 3 months, mom should add account of a few mud to darling appropriately complementary feed. Bell director explains, because the mother breeds cent is colostrum,this is, transfer to breast, maturity breeds and breed late, those who jump over in the future is galactic, the nutrient part that its contain is less, if mom give darling feed mother blindly milk, the nutrition that darling absorbs is met less and less. Right now so mom should give darling raise appropriately a few other complementary feed, let darling absorb enough nutrition thereby.
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