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How to eat banana ability to there is thin body effect?

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One, banana nutrition is tall, caloric low
Ferial abnormal habits and customs is cancer, hypertension, diabetic the reason that waits for a disease to form. To prevent the happening of these diseases, moderate campaign, and balanced the food that absorbs nutrition, it is quite important. And nutrition is balanced and good, and can prevent cancer, and those who cause everybody to notice is " banana " . Last year Japanese cancer learns in, published banana to have the report that improves result of cancer of immune force, precaution, one day eats 2 banana, improve constitutional; effectively in addition, feed banana price cheap, easily, carry go to the lavatory again, it is the nutriment that maintains health, can saying really is " magical fruit " .
Banana is quite effective to reducing weight, because its calorie is low,be, and food fiber content is rich. Banana is very sweet, because this meeting is thought by people, calorie is certain very tall, actually otherwise, a banana (suttle about 100 grams are controlled) caloric, only 87 get stuck just, measure with the plain cooked rice of feed (150 grams 220 calories) than rising, have the low calorie under the half only about.
2, banana can be become breakfast, food reducing weight
In busy life, use healthy provision, or replenishers, will complement the person of dietary disequilibrium, increasing. And banana is contained almost all vitaminic, and mineral, because this can absorb sundry nutriment easily from banana. Among them banana contains Potassium of quite a few and magnesium. Potassium can prevent blood pressure to rise, reach muscle convulsion; and magnesium has the effect that removes exhaustion.
Of You Wuxiang broadleaf plant digest, absorb quite good, arrive from the child accordingly old people, can install edible of a person's mind, and the nutrition with balanced supply. The person that does not have breakfast recently is increasing, and energy source of a day, it is breakfast, because this is had instantly gender, and the banana that can maintain energy for long, become suit the food when breakfast most. In addition, because banana is the food of low calorie, it is the person that reducing weight, also can worry none to the top of one's bent edible.
3, banana step-down is aperient
Look from nutrient angle, banana is amylaceous rich beneficial fruit, and learn angle to analyse from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, sex of banana flavour pleasant is cold, but bowel of distinct hot benefit, stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, but lienal empty have loose bowels person unfavorable however.
Everything always has logical explanation, banana sex is cold, basis " the person that heat up is cold " principle, suit most hot and dry the personage is enjoyed. The person that haemorrhoid bleeds, because of hot and dry and the person that send a sign of approaching abortion characterized by movement of the foetus causing pain in the lower abdomen,
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