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Right " disease " skin taking course will be better

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Bai Xi's delicate skin, who does not want? But in the life, our skin is impassable with us constantly however, not be a pair of long black red face, it is dark and gloomy cadaverous. How to do? Change dietary structure appropriately, make the skin gets very big improvement possibly. Your skin where is bad, should be right below disease " dish " just go.

Blush chamber

Because absorb animal sex,this is adipose with protein overmuch be caused by. Treating a method is, animal sex is contained in edible adipose with protein food when, must complementary in order to contain the vegetable of a large number of chlorophyll, wait like spinach, celery, lettuce, it is better to eat the effect raw. Also but will vegetable mincing, crowded juice of the bag that use cloth is drinkable.

Crimson face

The reason is blood the loop is bad, especially end cell blood is not expedite. When weather is cold, jugal crimson of the person, especially nose pointed place. Treating a method is:

1. Often bathe and massage, make blood current and carefree, should do more to red place massage;

2. To make inside body absorb protein adequately better, want a large number of edible to contain the food of C of vitamin B1, vitamin, bask in through day illumination can help absorb vitamin D.

Grease black face

Because oil of excessive edible animal and plant are oily,this is be caused by. Treating a method is, control moves the edible of vegetable oil to measure, eat the vegetable that contains chlorophyll more. A cup of dish end juice that uses make tea of warm boiled water is drunk before having a meal, the effect is better.

Facial black

Generally speaking, the person skin with overmuch salt is coarse and nigrescent, after be being basked in via in relief illumination fiercer. Hand, sufficient nigrescent because the salinity inside body wants to be in discharge to go out from end,be. Overmuch ground salt is facial meeting slowly hood a black. Treating a method is:

1. Control salt intake, water more, make salinity follows uric fluid eduction;

2. Diligent bathe, immerse in the bathroom to perspire, also can excrete a few salinity.

Jugal fleck

Salt is overmuch, bring about the cheek to grow a fleck likely; And in food if absorb animal sex only adipose with protein, can affect hepatic and normal function and make fleck more conspicuous. The person that grow fleck so must many edible fruit and vegetable. In addition, medicaments is the archenemy of skin, especially sleeping pill can make overmuch acidity arises inside body, feed less as far as possible consequently.

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