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Choose milk powder 7 paces develop 3 principles good grandma (2)

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Milk powder strong bubble is small stick person:

·Both hands must be cleaned with soap and water before strong bubble.

·The strong attune such as feeder, nipple, cap is implemental should boil disinfection.

·Strong bubble boiled water must complete boil, do not use hot water of electric heat water bottle, did not amount to boiling point because of its or boil time is insufficient.

·Strong bubble boiled water must be moved to proper temperature (with 40-60 ℃ advisable) , reach water artifice inside, feeling and body difference in temperature are not much can.

·Read the notice developing tone on coal tub carefully.

·The milk powder quantity of strong attune and water quantity must press the directive on coal tub to develop bubble, too thick or milk chroma is too rare, what all can affect baby is healthy.

·If develop bubble when larger milk, need good bubble milk to put the reserve inside freezer instantly, eat within a day, never put milk in room temperature.

Composition: Divide nutrition balanced outside, should make functional sex choice in the light of darling demand more, to the special recipe that adds in milk powder, due also and clinical experiment proves or report.

Brand credence: It is first selection in order to have the old brand of setting of research and development, have history of domestic and international long-term sale especially, from research and development, production, sale, make all work consistently by the company that be the same as the home, ensure product quality.

Entrance milk powder is divided there is sale brand in Euramerican each country, still should provide the Three Kingdoms to sell a proof.

The label that pack is clear: Outside packing, clear sign has analysis of nutrient composition, nutrition, production date, storage life, use method.

Major serves: Offer customer after service and long-term major to seek advice.

Price is reasonable: Because of most of milk powder composition very much the same, reason is special to flaunting composition or effect and the milk powder with particularly high price wants special caution, lest be decieved.

Advisory diplomate: The nutrient demand that milk powder choose and buy should grow with suiting darling phase sex is a consideration, be like parental not know what to do or lack information, can consult diplomate. Because family of domestic double firewood is general, bring about the case that cannot coordinate in time, space to fall, mom replace traditional mother milk with milk powder in succession, in view of the dietary safety problem that milk powder emerges in endlessly, suggest to there are the mothers of cheeper in the home, do not abandon a mother breeding feed can offer force of darling nutrition, immunity and the opportunity that promote parentage this easily. If the circumstance does not allow really, also answer to choose cautiously, do not want hearsay of informal believe what one hears.
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