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Old people does not have necessary blame to drink low fat milk

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Pester all sorts of disease of the upper part of the body to old age, can make catch a disease catch a disease of old person equipment painful torment not only, return can serious effect to be used to to their life, food. Hypertensive, eat salt to want cautious; Of tall blood fat, wish to nod oily raw meat or fish to one man stay at a respectful distance from sb... then, you can discover, senile food majority is met in on mark " low salt " , " low fat " , " low candy " , it seems that old people must want to eat these " low " the food of index. But nutrition of center of control of Chinese disease precaution and old age of food safety place and Zhang Jian of director of clinical nutrition room remind, to milk powder, old people is done not have really necessary it is choice standard with low fat.
Above all, although we advocate a countryman to drink a milk more all the time, but the gross that drinks a milk is not tall still, what get from inside milk is adipose also not be very much, to the old person everyday adipose intake affects whole finite.

Next, to the old person of hematic fat on the high side, drink low fat milk, defatted even grandma is to have dietary pilot a respect; But average healthy old person does not have such necessary and sedulous doing however. After all, adipose not be without a single redeeming feature to human body. For instance, adipose it is vitamin A, D the carrier of vitamins of such a few fat dissolve sex that have important physiology function, the absorption that can promote them is used.

Additional, low fat, defatted grandma is a few more expensive also on the price, can increase oneself economic burden.

So, proposal old person chooses milk powder according to his body state, is not to follow suit blindly, because the may not of low fat is,suit you.

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