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How does darling drink water the most healthy

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Of the water that darling drinks and adult what differs? How does parents choose the drinking water that be at ease for darling? What effect do all sorts of different water quality have to the child? Darling drinks water also is a big science! The expert reminds parents, drink a healthy darling, need is made as a child.

The expert dispels doubt

1, is the infant compared to the demand of water and adult photograph everyday what differs?
Above all, infant water requirement and water content and adult are different, on the other hand, growth of system of the infant's metabolization, immunity is not perfect. The water content inside human body: Grow up 55% , new student 80% , 0~3 year old infant 70%~75% . Daily water requirement presses weight for, grow up 50 milliliter / kilogram;0~1 year old infant 150 milliliter / kilogram;1~3 year old infant 100 milliliter / kilogram. If moisture is insufficient, metabolization of incidental water, electrolyte is mixed mussily metabolization sex acid is toxic.

2, the moisture that needs in the food of darling also should compare an adult much, should grow up only can drinkable water, can be the infant accepted?
The infant has special physiology structure: Function of intestines and stomach, kidney is depauperate. Because infant kidney and other organ development are not perfect, the inspissation of canaliculus of the filtration of kidney spherule, kidney and resorbent and excrete a function all poorer, because more moisture need when this eduction trash, the overmuch microelement in ordinary water will be aggravating the kidney of darling and burden of intestines and stomach. So, the grow upping's drinkable water does not suit the child certainly.

3, choose drinking water to darling, from which a few respects should consider?
Recommend according to World Health Organization, advantageous to human health drinking water has the following postulate at least:

(1) asepsis, do not contain poisonous and harmful material, contain beneficial to human body mineral, osmotic with solvency strong. For the infant choice drinking water should emphasize wholesome, safe, nutrition. Above all, sanitation is safe, fall ill little. Accord with standard of sanitation of life drinking water to detect, do not contain material of any mould, pathogenic bacteria, harmful radioactivity to wait.
(2) next, nutrition deserves to compare reasonable, physiology responsibility is little. Mineral element and microelement are indispensible nutriment, darling can be absorbed from inside long-term and drinkable water is best supply. Drink enters ion model mineral, human body is absorbed extremely easily.
(3) is final, taste pleasant is sweet, taste is good. The calcic salt in water and magnesian salt content want little, reduce the hardness of water, the entrance from time to tome satiny feeling. Will develop tone milk powder, ground rice with such water, melt fast, won't destroy more among them vitamin and other all sorts of nutrition composition.
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