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Meal enterprise is obtained note endowment hind the trouble that has each each

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Small fat sheep is the delegate that borrows force wind to cast a success to appear on the market, what already broke away from capital now is tired, but the dilemma that still faces product diversity.

Because invest a structure complexly,one tea sits, bring about benefit is sought on management strategy or bewilderment exists on speed.

In Hua Na the market gets the true time of favour quite, when developing northward market, still meet so lucky?

Meal company says

[Small fat sheep]

Chaffy dish is seasonal consumption is the biggest risk

Reach place to Hong Kong couplet from Inner Mongolia, small fat sheep runs in joy of Chinese meal course of study.

In July 2006, group of small fat sheep and Europe's biggest investment orgnaization 3i and fund of Pu Kai of famous investment orgnaization sign an agreement, introduce 25 million dollar. This year on June 12, small fat sheep is in Hong Kong advocate board appear on the market, so-called " China chaffy dish the first " . Compare with the appearance of hundred years old store of food of a lot of home, small fat Yang Cai holds water 9 years merely.

As a child fat sheep, can refract the grow road of a domestic meal course of study. From be on chain dilate, establish oneself development pattern, break through meal course of study to develop the pair of standardization, bottleneck that can duplicate hard, small fat sheep, spruce Changjiang Delta and aunt boiled dumpling developed a delegate to had taken his poineering route inside such course of study. And nowadays, always be smell gets the market first the international wind of machine delivers a view from TMT (the English abbreviate of industry of telegraphic, media, science and technology) turn to home to interlink meal, give an olive branch again and again, turn these companies to magnesium light lamp again.

Wind is cast bring internationalization view

9 years of time, small fat sheep, one has the meal brand of careless Ghent color quite, arrive from north south, be swept across all the way and come. Still studying Mcdonald's, Kendeji when compatriots the operation mode of such foreign snack industry when, the small fat sheep that comes from Inner Mongolia already was however after the storm such as bribery case of staff member of company of lawsuit of trade mark right of all previous classics, Hong Kong, the stride has been crossed, finished primitive dilate, also completed the flight that appear on the market. To the end of this year March, small fat sheep is divided outside having 240 concessionary management dining room, still have 103 self-supporting store.

Can say, be cast to take a fancy to by international wind, just is this kind of Chinese style meal that already took shape.

"Introduce international wind to cast, what small fat sheep is short of is not capital, the setting that those who be short of is internationalization " , xie Fei tells the brand chief inspector of small fat sheep the reporter, of international capital after intervening, "Need undertakes suit and be been opposite receiving with them. Be in not only financial aspect, still go up conciously. Whats must have a standard, on finance affairs, on daily flow, international management experience is embedded go in, the group had internationalization view. The group had internationalization view..
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