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Fire of much Qing Dynasty of symptom of feminine get angry discharges poison to

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One have actuating pressure or live not the rule, very easy " suffer from excessive internal heat " . Besides carrying scientific life law, still should notice edible a few " clear fire " food, perhaps take medicaments below the doctor's guidance, must not oneself buy a few medicines and chemical reagents to be taken at will.

Physiology is maladjusted easy " suffer from excessive internal heat "

"Suffer from excessive internal heat " it is each organ does not coordinate human body those who cause, say on medicine stimulate sexual disease to answer. World cate net [Food.icxo.com] dispatch: Because difference in temperature of autumn morning and evening is bigger, human body is irretentive metabolic balance and stability, cause physiology function maladjusted and send " suffer from excessive internal heat " .

Normally, people is in " suffer from excessive internal heat " before do not have apparent symptom, but after coming on, behave for Gong Chi of guttural and dry ache, eye dry, rhinal heat carbonadoes hot, lip dry, pee sends weather-shack, inappetence, defecate yellow etc, and the normal food that the symptom such as serious aphtha, guttural gall can affect human body, because of,a few love also are met on beautiful lady face " internal heat " bigger, grow a Gong Gong and the blain with painful hair, bring inconvenience to the life and job.

Life law eats vegetable fruit more

Expert proposal, want to carry scientific life law above all, on time work and rest, time ration dines, do not abandon to drive time, also do not eat and drink too much for one banquet cate. Arrange all sorts of activities to need proper and abstinent, assure enough sleep, avoid to stay up late, lest excessive exhaustion, resistance drops.

Next, eat more " clear fire " food. Fresh greenery vegetable, cucumber, orange, green tea has favorable clear fire effect, and carrot is right the vitamin B of compensatory human body, avoid lip weather-shack also have very good curative effect. In addition, can profess to convinced is of all kinds and cool and refreshing medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water, wait like medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water of summerly mulberry chrysanthemum, Jinju medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water right " clear fire " very effective also.

Be in " suffer from excessive internal heat " during, unfavorable eat hot food, drink, smoke and stay up late, should notice to maintain oral cavity sanitation, often gargle, drink water more, take below doctor guidance " clear fire " medicaments. If " suffer from excessive internal heat " the symptom is more apparent, a week above has not improved, need to see a doctor in time to the hospital. The expert is special warn a citizen, do not want oneself to be taken at will a few " clear fire " medicaments, because be taken likely excessive and be just the opposite to what one wished.

Of course, the mood that adjusts oneself is very important also. Fretted mood is met " add fuel to the flames " , keep pleasurable conduce to adjust inside body " internal heat " .
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