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Chongqing old lady should be accused " 3 deer " spokesman claim for compensation

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Because yesterday daily path is acting character of 3 deer milk powder, deng Jie, Ni Ping, flower band, Xue Jia coagulates wait for a few star to suffer netizen cannon, after asking star retreats the message that advertisement acting character expends, be paid close attention to by the reader. Yesterday, zhang Guoli is a wife to explain, say its are innocent. And Chongqing an old lady, the plan reachs 3 deer milk powder Deng Jie of its advertisement spokesman to tell a court, claim for compensation 10 thousand yuan.

Advertisement of 3 deer milk powder calls Deng Jie give " character to make sure I trust "

Chongqing old lady says to see Deng Jie star effect just buys powdered milk

Chongqing has media coverage yesterday, chongqing a yellow mother-in-law of 75 years old, bought powdered milk of 3 bags of 3 deer last year in November, body of the feeling after taking is unwell. Subsequently, she is put in quality problem with milk powder manufacturer of 3 deer milk powder the home tells a court, claim for compensation more than yuan 3000. Hind come actively to apologize because of the other side, yellow mother-in-law nolles prosequi.

The representative that the reporter contacts yellow mother-in-law yesterday lawyer condition gentleman, he tells a reporter, 3 deer milk powder " poisonous " hind, yellow mother-in-law feels he was cheated by the other side at the outset. After-thought rises now, yellow at that time mother-in-law should not compromise, should hold to after all, if all the time shape is accused, relevant section is early with respect to fish the quality problem of 3 deer milk powder, won't appear to be exposed like the ability after so much child is taken now come out milk powder has a problem. Besides the lawyer expresses, yellow mother-in-law is sued this, want to sue 3 deer company not only, return promising Deng Jie of advertising of 3 deer acting character, because, if not be star effect of Deng Jie, a lot of people won't buy 3 deer powdered milk.

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