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The egg becomes unexpectedly " bomb " Hangzhou woman has egg blast sodden mouth

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Much at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, a colleague of Hangzhou Shenyang lady puts the egg into microwave oven, boiled 3 minutes two, take rind bite.

This is bitten never mind, "Beng " the ground, the egg exploded, "The mouth that scamper gets him is rare cling to sodden! "The mouth that scamper gets him is rare cling to sodden!!

Why can the egg explode? The principle that microwave oven heats is, microwave itself not heat build-up, but the roll that microwave can accelerate element of the water in food, when the polarity element such as the water that makes food medium when microwave, grease, candy and protein chafes each other, can produce quantity of heat; No less than our apace him attrition both hands when, like also can giving out heat. Put the egg into microwave oven to heat, because the water branch in the egg heats to become vapor and drive egg bomb, makes bomb.

Before this, microwave oven cooks an egg and to person the incident that causes harm has repeatedly happen. According to relevant report, egg explosion is light person injury person is facial, chorion of the person that weigh is plunged into into double key point is reached inside flesh, scald cornea causes blindness.


Always take incrustation to perhaps take sealed provision of the skin, must undertake ability is machined with microwave oven unsealing handling. Before cooking, must will carapace of film, belt, sealed food waits with toothpick, needle wear an a few stoma. Bring the unripe egg of housing, scarcely should heat with microwave oven, because the egg is more than,have an incrustation, interior still has a few soft film, when heating incidental blowout. Those use the provision with sealed polybag, if heat when time is longer () of more than 30 seconds, had better cut go a small part serves as a stoma.

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