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After eating an egg, must not drink tea

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After some people eat the high protein qualitative food such as carnivorous, egg, choice seafood, be used to drinking tea instantly, in order to aid " go flavour " , " digest " . Actually, this kind of practice is unscientific. Because a large number of tannic acid are contained in tea, tannic acid and protein synthesis have astringent tannic acid protein, make alvine peristalsis is decelerated, extend the time that excrement and urine stays in inside alvine path thereby, not only easy cause constipation, and the possibility that still raises toxic substance and carcinogen to be absorbed by human body, endanger human body health.

Life little hint: Avoid eats unbaked egg

Egg protein contains protein of antibiosis content vegetable, can affect the absorption of element of the biology in food, make body occurrence inappetence, whole body faint, agnail of muscle ache, skin, take off the symptom such as eyebrow. World cate net [Food.icxo.com] dispatch: Contain in the egg fight trypsin, the assimilation with their influence protein to the egg human body and absorb. These two kinds of material in unbaked egg were not decomposed, because this is affected,digest proteinly, absorb. >> > egg: Suit how to eat most?

The egg can carry bacterium in fashioning a process, unbaked egg cannot kill the bacterium, cause diarrhoea easily. Because this egg wants to eat again via high temperature hind, do not eat unbaked egg.

The protein structure of unripe egg is compact, have cannot be absorbed by human body for the most part very much, the protein ability after be being thoroughlied cook only becomes loose, path of bowel of human body stomach just can be digested absorb. Unripe egg has special fishy smell, can cause central nervous to restrain, make the exudation of the digestive juice such as saliva, gastric juice and alvine fluid decreases, bring about inappetence, indigestion thereby.

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