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Dawdler loves swift beautiful white method most

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How fast beauty is white, share 6 swift beautiful white methods.

1. White sugar washs a face to go blain imprints fast beauty white law (time: 30 seconds)

Add little water to wash a face 3 times with white sugar everyday, a week can be felt get smooth white tender, and imprint to dark sore very effective, have fun at can try, basically be to perserve most, and be the cheapest cosmetic!

How the United States is white: After you are washing a face with the grandma that wash a face, reoccupy is white sanded candy (go up in medicine for, candy has profit very much to the heal of cut) put on the palm, add little water to knead knead (prevent to stimulate allergy too too) , put on the face to knead next wash, a minute or so, wash clean with clear water.

Use rear body to meet: What experience gets is tender slip. Hold to a period of time, your dark sore imprints can do not have, can try!

2. Film of magical aspirin face is fast the United States is white (time: 1 minute)

Raw material: 5-6 piece aspirin tablet, clear water

How the United States is white: 5-6 piece aspirin tablet twists with the bastinado that drive a range very fine powder, add one spoon clear water to mediate next, with cotton piece occupy aspirin solution to brush go up in the face, await 20-30 the rinse out after minute.

Use rear body to meet:

After washing a face unusually smooth and exquisite, color of skin is whiten become even, the beans imprints desalt is very much, had made this face film the following day the skin is even very luster, the feeling is similar had done Facial.


1. Aspirin tablet should be ground very finely, finer better, brush otherwise can become aware on the face aching.

2. To prevent to have allergic appearance, before use, but foretaste sees him at the back of ear root appropriate.

3. After making aspirin face film, should notice to protect wet, use moist model protect skin to taste, in an attempt to achieves better beautiful skin result

3. Eye of potato chips apply goes black rim of the eye is fast beautiful white law (time: 30 seconds)

Raw material: Potato chips

How the United States is white: Blow potato skin, clean next, cut large film contract 2 centimeters. Lie, get on potato chips apply in the eye, wait about 5 minutes, reoccupy clear water is abluent.

Stick person: Night apply, more conduce eliminates an eye tired. Tomato patch with big for beautiful, because cover a range bigger. The potato that has a tooth does not want to use, because poisonous.

Step of 4.VC beautiful Bai Chao is simple and practical face film is fast the United States is white (time: 1 minute)

Raw material: 谻 of  of  of ⑽ of Ge of ⊥ of suddenly of  of  of Jian of pigheaded ⒖ of Huan of ひ of the Wu that consider Fu is right amount. What I use is prevailing white grain, of 100mg. 500mg wants only if Niu Er says in the program age is light enough.
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