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Secret recipe of female menstruation food, beverage kind

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Actually we emphasize again and again, want slow the symptom that menses may appear, at ordinary times besides it is normal to want balanced diet, work and rest beyond, best the campaign that can have the law, we offer you again now a few medicinal foods or it is arrange, uses data is us in daily life obtain easily, you might as well the physiology cycle according to oneself or it is a symptom, choose a few kinds to experience look, close automatic hand can add pleasure not only, more wholesome also!

If you are young woman going to work, boil a few Chinese traditional medicine or at ordinary times rarely longer time is stewed is Shang Pin, might as well try to these develop bubble type or need to boil a beverage of a few minutes only, the beverage of simple preserve one's health that can enjoy recuperation body, make menstruation darling come!

Longan ginger tea


1, longan does a small (basically be optional

2, Jiang Pian a small (basically be optional

Practice: Should do longan to be lost with Jiang Pian only in the cup, reoccupy heats up boiled water to develop bubble, loosen gently, jiang Pian tea finishs a cup of longan!

Good For: The person according to been use shows, it is drinkable at ordinary times and OK to be in enrich the blood, during physiology plus a few white vinegar, still can help eliminate clot!

Jasmine flower tea

Material: Jasmine flower tea is wrapped

Practice: tea Bao Fang is in the cup, reoccupy hot water develops bubble, but in wanting to notice to be able to not want to put tea package in hot water all the time, you are OK foretaste is drunk a sip of, should take care to iron nevertheless! Arrived after the chroma that oneself like, be about to tea bag is taken, still can answer rush many times!

Good For: Basically can drink jasmine flower tea more usually, but hear come before tide one week in menstruation, drink jasmine flower tea every day, can reduce classics is painful! And natural scented tea also can come out blast a fragrance, still can let our mood ameliorate!

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