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Deng Yaping: Incomplete abstruse meal 0 complain roast duck " toggle " player st

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Abstruse village opens Beijing incomplete since village close half moon, had not received athletes to meal complain, this lets be in charge of coordinating with operation " deputy village head " Deng Yaping is brought think be proud.

14 days of evening 7 when, the have dinner rush hour of athlete dining-room, deng Yaping of deputy village head of Olympic Games village shows a body here and accept a reporter to interview.

Assemble of cate of the each country in dining-room, the food that supplies everyday amounts to 460 kinds, but Beijing roast duck more can firmly latchs the stomach of players of global each district. Deng Yaping says, "We offer 300 roast duck everyday on the Olympic Games, the result demands exceeds supply. Incomplete on abstruse meeting, we also are to offer 300 roast duck everyday. Beijing roast duck still is here most welcome cate. Beijing roast duck still is here most welcome cate..

"When the Olympic Games we had been received a few complain, do not cross incomplete since abstruse meeting, we had not received any complaining. " Deng Yaping is satisfied to meal service.

14 days are China mid-autumn festival, the meal group of abstruse village returned incomplete to offer cabinet and elegant moon cake for each country athletes.

Deng Yaping says, "Let foreign athlete had been here mid-autumn is a coincidence really, to the Chinese, very important mid-autumn, it is reuniting day, we also want to let each country athlete feel here is a sweet home. We also want to let each country athlete feel here is a sweet home..

Besides the Mid-autumn Festival, abstruse village still caught up with incomplete another main festival -- of Moslem " the month of fast " . The month of fast begins from September 2, incomplete abstruse village adjusted the corresponding plan that offer food for this, mix in evening before dawn is additional provide prandial service. "Have between we and athlete interactive, they put forward to want what to eat, need what dish to taste, we are satisfied as far as possible. " Deng Yaping says.

The job of abstruse meeting allows the Olympic Games and damage Deng Yaping is experienced, "Of the most important concept is the esteem of belief of pair of different culture, religion and habits and customs.

To the feeling of two Olympic Games, deng Yaping thinks, "On the Olympic Games, our feeling got surmount; In incomplete on abstruse meeting, let us learn to respect. Let us learn to respect..

The personnel that Deng Yaping thinks abstruse meeting makes incomplete all participate in a service learned " appreciate " , "Our clerk is serving incomplete abstruse when meeting, results arrived touch the raising of things to a higher level that goes up with spirit. This is valuable experience for everybody to us. This is valuable experience for everybody to us..
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