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Avoid food of autumn of alvine stomach trouble to want to make scientific arrang

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Enter autumn, air temperature of eyebrow hill city becomes cool and delightful gradually, together with is the season of results, all sorts of food a superb collection of beautiful things, accordingly, the appetite of people increases gradually, appetite is big, patient of each disease of gastric bowel path of large hospital also increases subsequently. Right now the doctor reminds, no matter children or adult must notice the science, diet structure that plans his reasonably.

Relative to at other season character, autumn is the season with children better appetite. Summertime weather is torrid, major children inappetence, nutriment is absorbed not enough. Fall weather is cool, the child's appetite restores, this one period, it is the crucial period of state of children adjustment nutrition, want to assure prandial balance, those who assure all sorts of nutriment absorb. Autumn is the tall hair season of diarrhoea, because this should notice dietetic hygiene, unripe when eating vegetable fruit, must notice cleanness, lest catch,go up disease of gastric bowel path.

Cool and delightful autumn, air temperature is reduced, the person's appetite increases gradually, digestion also rises, because summer enrages Wen Yan to heat up the good season that causes inanition,make up for just about. At the same time this moment is the season of results, all sorts of animal flesh fertilizer are delicious, sort of vegetable melon and fruit is all ready, amount much, it is the best season that arranges food. Nevertheless, if arrangement is undeserved, easy also because nutrition is superfluous or it is feeding habits undeserved and hurt a body, so what does autumn arrange food to want to notice?

Should notice to prevent heat energy superfluous. Average person arrived autumn, because climate is delightful, food is rich, often take food overmuch. Absorb quantity of heat superfluous, can change into adipose accumulation to rise, make person put on weight, common saying cries " grow autumn fat " , so bad. In autumn food, should notice right amount, and cannot indulge appetite, belly-worship. (Exercitation reporter Zun Nan)

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