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"Free dinner " in popularity

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Course of study of meal of Guangzhou of not long ago head push " instalment " , whether to need " loan " will have a meal cause all circles heat to discuss. Go up in the net nevertheless, you have an opportunity to eat at any time " free dinner " .

Recently, netizen Steven participated in the cate that some website holds to experience an activity, taste savor inherent value freely 690 yuan dinner. Actually not only be in Shanghai, big city waits in Jing Hangning spic, "Free dinner " wind already came over sadly, a lot of netizens also are very happy with it. How to obtain free dinner? Be who is for " free " does big eat buy sheet?

Current, "Free dinner " organize by the website more. Constituent flow is: Cafeteria and website come to an agreement with respect to the breed of free dinner, date, number -- the website is called together -- the netizen signs up -- the website is smoked randomly anthology participate in a netizen -- the website organizes foretaste -- after the netizen eats, comment on. Steven is from inside numerous netizen lucky in be being smoked.

The net is commented on in the masses, " 19 buildings " website of gas waiting for a person, the netizen discovers this kind not hard " free dinner " the activity is called together stick. A lot of netizens think, the meaning of this kind of activity is to sample freely not only cate, more important is to be able to pass an activity to know a good friend. The Steven itself that mentions in above paragraphs for instance is an ABC(that lived ten years in the United States namely the) of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that United States of America Born Chinese is born, just return domestic work this year. And Internet and " free dinner " let him know a lot of good friends. They also meet themselves at ordinary times accompany, call together FB(corruption even, it is the collective activity) of the purpose in order to eat and drink namely.

Foretaste ends, the netizen can be asked to undertake commenting on to this meal commonly. Although ate freely, deadbeat people do not meet " the mouth is soft " : Inn-keeper can decide to let deadbeat what eat, cannot decide to let deadbeat however people what to say, cannot decide to let a website what do more. Deadbeat or meeting truth fact say, be a guest watchs comment on. Deadbeat of for example some can comment on after foretaste passes say: "Salty soybean bean curd: A dish of special failure. " can say even " if spend the word scarcely of money,can eat " . Comment on a net to be with the masses exemple, at present already 4 million comment on content, among them the mainest is cate comment on. To phenomenon of this kind of foretaste, the masses comments on network vice president Mr Long Wei to evaluate: "Of free foretaste test is the underlying actual strength of cafeteria, only truly capable cafeteria, just be brave in to let deadbeat try. " go up from this kind of meaning for, the cost that the cafeteria place that provides free foretaste bears is far more than one desk meal is so simple.
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