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Food and packaging machinery industry is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan out

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It is estimated that from 2011 to 2015, food and packaging machinery industry output is expected to exceed 6,000 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate at about 16% level. According to the China Machinery Industry Federation is expected, from 2011 to 2015, food and packaging machinery industry output is expected to exceed 6,000 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate at about 16% level. However, the rapid development of China's packaging industry behind, striking that a large number of high-tech equipment still rely on imports, a year in foreign exchange for imports of complete sets of high-end equipment. Two-way stretch equipment such as plastic film, a production line close to 100 million yuan, from the 70s of last century was introduced, so far, China have imported 110 of these product lines. In addition, there is extensive use of aseptic dairy industry, packaging, bottling equipment, almost all of the Swedish company Tetra Pak provides.

Industry experts believe that China's packaging machinery for over-reliance on foreign high-technology, has seriously hampered China's packaging industry sustained, stable development.

Present an increasingly competitive food packaging machinery, the future of food packaging machinery will be coordinated with industrial automation, packaging equipment to promote the overall level of increase, the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment.

It is understood that the packaging machine to use more traditional mechanical control, such as the distribution cam shaft, and later appeared on the photoelectric control, pneumatic control, forms of control. With increasing food processing technology, the packaging requirements of the growing parameters, the original control system has been difficult to meet the new forms of development, but will set machine, electricity, gas, light, health, electromagnetic machinery and electronic equipment in one used in food packaging machinery, in the design focused on improving the automation of packaging machinery, packaging machinery development will be combined with the computer, you can control the mechanical and electrical integration.

Experts, a complete mechatronic system, generally including the computer, sensors, power of the original, the transmission system, the executing agency and some other, it discards the conventional packaging machinery in some of the cumbersome and unreasonable, and the mechanical, computer, microelectronics , sensors and other disciplines, integration of advanced technology to the packaging machinery in the design, manufacturing and control have brought a profound change, a fundamental change in the status of packaging machinery.

Food packaging industry to a healthy and orderly development of China Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association Jun Qiao Tan Senior Consultant Recommendation: efforts to promote corporate asset restructuring, accelerate the establishment of modern enterprise system; based on scientific and technological innovation, increase independent innovation; progressive implementation of the "big strong small specifically, "the production and operation mode, a" difference "competition in the market system; importance of green packaging to prevent pollution and attention to environmental protection.

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