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Ten most wicked food packaging

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Food packaging is a very deep knowledge. Color, design, selling, material, cost, size, cost, preservation, display, storage and shipment, etc. all need to relate to. In addition, it is important to fully take into account ease of use and consumer habits. Wang Ruidong summarized in this article that dozens of packages, are more representative of the "wicked" packaging. Of course, here the so-called "unethical" mainly refers to ignore the packaging design for the human consumer.

Maiduhaizhu luxury moon cake

Every year to eat moon cake, but every year with emotion. Despite repeated orders relevant government departments, but now over the moon cake packaging is still its own way. Over moon cake packaging, more beautiful one is more attractive packaging, a packaging about growing increasingly exaggerated. Open the moon cake time, often reminiscent of the "Maiduhuanzhu" story: it was certainly not necessarily more rare moon cake can often not willing to throw away the moon cake box, can be true if the left, and no use ... ... The reason why moon cake packaging luxury repeated, it is because the market has been demand. The source of this demand is to face the Chinese plot. Moon cake Well, how much to eat their own?, Mostly used to give as gifts, anyone to have a face, you have to pay attention to packaging ... ...

Excessive packaging, in the face behind the consumer is a lot of waste of resources, the environment pollution.

Tetra Pak milk pillow stand out

Tetra pillow packaging has changed the way we drink milk. Or even the entire dairy industry is a revolutionary contribution. However, Tetra Pak on the market today there is a pillow packaging very "wicked" short board. This is the four corners of Tetra pillow, hard and sharp. Particular bundle promotion Tetra pillow filled milk, packed in plastic bags in the supermarket, immediately will "stand out", ranging from cut bag, so bag things scattered on the ground - especially supermarket bags are not strong enough, then , while in carrying bags will be cut accidentally walking legs, ladies, then, can be cut even stockings ... ...

Inconsiderate of 500 grams of MSG

About the pros and cons of MSG on the human body seems to have always been controversial. Wang Ruidong that MSG this thing even better, I am afraid to eat much too far. However, very interesting that the vast majority of MSG brands are pushing 500 grams of MSG. If the equipment is 500 grams of this group of consumers for the hotel, yet it is easy to understand, then the consumer is for the residents and families, people can not help but feel some "wicked." A family to buy a pack of 500 grams of MSG, how long can we eat? Although MSG shelf life of up to three years, but the thing itself is rarely mentioned, and in the kitchen, the low level of MSG will be different ablation, preservation, and mentioned how seldom do it? MSG brand whenever a promotion, most of pushing loaded 500 grams, which is obviously misleading to consumers.

With the "ring" of the ham

Most sausages are packaged directly in the "skin" up the printing product descriptions. But there are a lot of branding, packaging skin is bare, I do like the ring with a sticker marks as wrapped in ham, but also the very strong around the mark! Oh, when consumers like eating ham, do not get stuck before hell ... ... or you can put the rest out to eat, or you must configure the scissors when you eat this ham.

Color similar to soy sauce soy sauce

Running around in circles waiting for you in the kitchen, where to find soy sauce in a lot of bottles and jars, they were often wrong sauce took ... ... If you use soy sauce and soy sauce is the same brand, similar occurs often operation of "accident." Because many brands in different product varieties, packaging in particular, almost no clear distinction between the color, in emergency situations, it is very easy to admit the wrong. Similar also, for example, hot dips, not spicy hot, the difference may be a local, when you buy three accidentally pick pick four. Between dark soy sauce may also does not matter, as if the wine vinegar, soy sauce as the vinegar, ha ha, you sure to charm all the dishes.

Transparent bag bags seaweed seasoning

I remember when the child eat seaweed, my mother always took out a large roll with the scissors cut a piece. Now more convenient. A big plastic bag with pouch, a bag of meal, is not only convenient, but also with the other condiments and delicious. Can make people unhappy, there are several brands of seaweed, and all the equipment in the pouch and a smaller clear bags of sesame, seaweed down to the pot, you always can not remember the transparent bags of sesame oil, the total as is customary with this bag into the pot ... ... you say, the packaging is not unethical?

Five ten pull pull off the oil

Bottled cooking oil barrel mouth is completely closed to ensure the impeccable quality and health is concerned. Designed a pull-ring opening, as long as a pull, you can open. But the problem is that some brands of the people to pull it is silent. Pull almost ten times, it will cut off five times. Meizhe, you end up using pliers ... ...

Small-capacity large snack food packaging

In order to display the row of multi-space surface, and also to the consumer to create a "value for money" psychological illusion, many food businesses it is the snack food packaging like to do particularly great. In fact it may be, the empty packaging bags, to install two of the three melon jujube. This phenomenon, especially in children's food in the Shing! In fact, these brands have entered a misunderstanding, over-exaggerated the actual packaging to the consumer is often counterproductive psychological feelings.

Modified secondary packaging

Really wicked to say the food packaging, is that the damaged, defective, expired food and even the behavior of the secondary packaging. Common is a kind of food is about to expire is to directly modify the production date, or for packaging changes. So, some food is not there are "two production date." There is also the second order damage by defective products, new ones continue to sell packaged.

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